Johnson Family Farms equestrian lessons are a wonderful way to build confidence and increase physical fitness. We have years of experience teaching riders of all ages, taking a natural approach that focuses on communication and understanding.

Private Lessons For Beginners

Learn at your own pace with private lessons. One-on-one intensive learning and undivided instructor attention ensure a rapid increase of skills. JFF provides therapeutic riding lessons and riding activities in a safe, effective, and compassionate environment.

Summer Camp - Group Lessons

Group lessons allow students to compare and contrast their skills with other riders. Groups explore new techniques and learn from each other in a friendly environment. JFF offers affordable summer camps for beginners and skilled riders of all ages. Beginner camps are filled with activities that help riders build fundamental skills through riding lessons, games and crafts.

The mission of our program is to help riders develop confidence in all equestrian skills and to build a community of riders who encourage each other and enjoy camaraderie. We will spend a few minutes at each lesson discussing the rider's progress/goals and any achievements during that week. The rider will be told exactly what steps will need to be completed successfully in order to master each skill.  

For more information contact:
Jessie (678) 471-5847